fencing / Rebound Board Fencing

Here at ETC Sports Surfaces we are leading sports fencing contractors with extensive experience in providing rebound board fencing systems ideal for a range of high impact ball sports such as football, hockey and multi-use games areas. We offer durable, safe, secure and attractive sports fencing solutions with rebound boards for schools, academies, sports clubs and training facilities that suit your facility’s individual requirements.

Rebound fencing has a variety of benefits, including better viewing for spectators, minimal maintenance requirements and the potential to increase revenue through image rebound boards that allow sponsored advertisements.  


ETC Sports Surfaces can offer the following rebound board fencing systems:

The Rebound board PA system is widely accepted to be the best value MUGA fencing solution for performance, durability and appearance. It comes in a standard height of 3m, which can be increased to the whole pitch or to the rear of goal areas.

Premier Rebound fencing developed by JB Corrie is an innovative system that can offer exciting opportunities for advertising revenue. This rebound fencing option offers secure fixing with no drilled boards, cleaner edges and lines and a prolonged board life. What’s more the system allows the encapsulation of image rebound boards that combine any digital image with the true rebound and quality of a standard rebound board.

Image rebound boards can be used in conjunction with the premier rebound pitch fencing system. Image boards are coated with a special film that enables them to have digital images printed on the face side. This creates a whole new avenue to personalise your fencing scheme or to raise funds towards your facility through advertising.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following rebound fencing services:

  • Cost effective rebound board PA system fencing with single or double leaf gates
  • Premier rebound fencing that encapsulates image rebound boards for fencing personalisation and sponsored advertisements
  • Image rebound systems that benefit from full colour graphics, hi-tech digital printing and vandal resistant ink
  • MUGA, Hockey and football rebound boards
  • Installation of team shelters and spectator sheltering areas