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Specialists in 3G pitch construction and maintenance

3G pitch construction technology gives you the best of both worlds. It offers the feel of natural turf, yet withstands the toughest levels of full contact play. So, you can use your pitch all year round – and that means a healthy return on your investment.

The 3G market has exploded in recent years. Now that 4G pitch construction is also in the mix, the choice might seem overwhelming. Similarly, choosing the right supplier to install your pitch can be tricky. ETC Sports Surfaces offers more than thirty years’ experience in 3G football pitch construction. We guarantee our health, safety and insurance standards, in line with SAPCA guidelines. And we’re fully up to speed with the latest cutting edge, yet affordable 3G solutions. So, you’re in safe hands. Find out how happy other clients are with our work: read about our recent sports surface solutions here.

Which artificial football pitch is the best choice?

3G pitch construction comes in two main forms. A dynamic base is a cost-effective choice, and a great solution for facilities with limited budgets. Engineered bases cost more initially, but are popular due to their impressive performance and life span.

We can fully customise both options to your facility’s size, your budget, players and future maintenance requirements. The first step is a free site survey by our expert team. We then design and install the ideal 3G solution for you, keeping your budget manageable whilst delivering outstanding results.

Is the 3G surface cost worth the investment?

The short answer to this question is yes. The industry considers 3G sports pitch constructions to be the superior choice for football and rugby. Indeed, the FIFA Quality Programme tests and rates many artificial pitches, for added peace of mind.

3G pitches work by overlaying artificial turf pile of up to 65mm over a rubber granule infill. This provides a safe playing, tackling and sliding surface, plus shock absorption and resistance to studs. As a result, 3G surfaces will handle years of wear and tear caused by full contact games. 

Nowadays, 4G pitch construction is also available. Like a 3G pitch, a 4G pitch is finished with artificial turf. However, in the case of 4G, there’s no rubber infill, making sports surface maintenance a simpler process. But the main difference between 3G and 4G lies in how the 4G pitch is prepared and installed. So, just as with a 3G pitch, choosing expert contractors to install your 4G pitch is crucial. It ensures that the finished surface delivers the quality and performance you expect.

Choosing the right 3G sports pitch contractors

If you need 3G pitch construction or maintenance services, our friendly, professional team will:

  • Conduct a free site survey with honest, expert recommendations customised to your facility and budget.
  • Design, install and finish your pitch to suit your facility and users.
  • Put together a cost-effective maintenance package to safeguard your new 3G pitch.
  • Guarantee professional, courteous service both on and off site.

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