maintenance / Asphalt MUGAs

Multi-use games areas (MUGAs), tennis courts and all-weather pitches, all require regular maintenance to prolong surface lifespan and to ensure optimal performance for your facility. 

At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer a range of sports surface maintenance services that are designed to preserve your porous asphalt MUGA surface for all year round performance. We are sports pitch maintenance, construction and surface repair specialists working with many clients, including schools, clubs, academies and private owners to help keep playing surfaces in the best possible condition. 

It is important to make sure your MUGA maintenance plan fits your particular facility.  That’s why we offer a free, no obligation site survey to ensure you have the correct sports surface maintenance programme in place to suit your requirements. What’s more we offer significant savings for clients’ with annual sports surface maintenance contracts.



Multi use game areas are extremely important for clubs and schools as they can accommodate multiple sports on just one surface. Therefore planning a regular MUGA maintenance programme for your sports surface is important to protect your investment and to ensure the safety of your players.  The good news is that porous asphalt MUGAs are the most cost-effective of all surfaces when it comes to all weather pitch maintenance.

Just like any synthetic sports surface the asphalt MUGA will accumulate moss, especially over a period of time and during the winter months. Moss can make the surface extremely slippery, a potential danger to players, as well as break up the surface.  At ETC Sports Surfaces we have developed a MUGA maintenance method that will tackle moss and other hazardous factors simply and effectively.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following asphalt MUGA maintenance services:

  • MUGA maintenance, repair and re-spraying to rejuvenate the appearance of your court
  • MUGA cleaning to combat moss and guard against weed growth
  • Court marking and repainting the line markings on your MUGA
  • Annual MUGA maintenance contracts with discounted deals
  • Complete sports surface refurbishment to renew your existing multi-use games area
  • Cost-effective, efficient MUGA maintenance with premium results