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Transforming a car park into a brand new Multi-Use Games Area

ETC Sports is always delighted to take on a project that makes a real community impact. So when we were asked to transform an Essex car park located at Heybridge Alternative Provision School into a brand new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) we naturally jumped at the chance. The new facility will give the children who attend the centre an attractive facility to play football, tennis and basketball.

Heybridge Alternative Provision School offers a wide range of services for secondary school children who have learning and behavioural difficulties. Thanks to funding from Essex County Council to make the improvements, this transformation will inspire the youngsters to play sports in a safe enclosed all weather surface area outside. Before the MUGA was built, the children had a grassy pitch on which they could play some sports but capacity was very limited.

Premises Manager Phil Davis says, “The MUGA has made a real difference to the school – we now have more curriculum based PE activities for the children to participate in and they can use the area in all weathers. Previously all we had was the grassy area which didn’t give the children any basketball or tennis opportunities, and obviously got very muddy in wet weather. We are all very pleased with the MUGA.”

Winning the project to construct the MUGA

Having learned that Essex County Council had a strict budget of £20 000 + VAT for creating the MUGA from start to finish, it was necessary for ETC Sports to put together a strong proposal that would come in at the right price, but also provide good workmanship and materials. ETC Sports’ 25 years of experience in creating all-weather surfaces and multi use games areas alongside our black book of trusted suppliers all contributed to a well-considered and well-planned proposal which came in on budget. That equipped us to win the bid and start work on the 28th January 2013.

What kind of MUGA did ETC Sports build?

In response to the brief ETC Sports constructed a Porous Asphalt Multi-Use Games Area. This surface is ideal for private, club and school use as it needs very little maintenance throughout the year and is less slippery after raining. This is down to the porosity of the surface which means it can be played on soon after it has rained, making it an ideal all weather surface.

The area was designed for five-a-side football with two goal recesses built in. A basketball post and backboard were integrated into the sports fencing. We used a double wire panel fencing system supplied by Zaun Fencing. This kind of fencing is a popular choice for multi use games areas for many reasons. It is made from a highly durable material that offers high rebound – almost similar to a hard surface. This allows the ball to bounce back at almost the same angle it strikes the fence. In addition is it ‘graffiti-proof’ and requires little or no maintenance as it not susceptible to rotting or rust.

Once the all weather surface had been laid, it was coated with an acrylic colour coating which prolongs the surface life of the court, and then painted with appropriate line markings in different colours for tennis, football and basketball. The project moved swiftly and smoothly, with all the work completed on 9th April 2013 when the court was colour sprayed.

What the school had to say about the new multi-sport area

On completion Davis has told us: “From planning to production, the construction of the MUGA through ETC Sports was a breeze. I had an initial idea about what it would entail, but I was put at ease when I saw the firm’s examples of finished all weather surfaces, and how the courts would have line markings in various colours to differentiate between each sport.

“Now that the facility is in place it is an absolutely fantastic addition to the Heybridge Centre. It has made a real difference to the day to day lives of the students, enabling them to take part in a much wider range of practical activities within a first class environment.”

Client Details Heybridge Alternative Provision School The Street Heybridge Maldon Essex CM9 4NB Telephone: 01621 856 275 Website: http://www.heybridgeaps.co.uk/

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Contract Details Description: Refurbishment of a Multi-Use Games Area with Fencing Contract Value: £20,000.00 Duration of Works: 4weeks Year Completed: 2013