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Breathing new life into Tower Hamlets Tennis Courts

When the London Borough of Tower Hamlets decided to make a major investment into their tennis court constructions, choosing the right provider was a vital decision. The whole team at ETC Sports was delighted when we learnt in January 2012 that our bid had been accepted to complete this exciting project to benefit the local and wider East London communities.

We faced a stringent deadline to repair tennis courts across the borough’s Victoria Park and Bethnal Green Garden sites. Come what may, the renovation and tennis court surfacing had to be completed in time for a very special open day in May 2012. But that didn’t faze our skilled technicians. They are only too accustomed to accommodating large scale tennis court construction and renovation work to tight time restrictions.

Why the London Borough of Tower Hamlets chose ETC Sports

As is recommended with any contracted sports facility construction, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets pursued a strict and thorough tender procedure to help them reach their final choice of supplier. A number of companies were invited to tender to repair tennis courts according to a clear initial brief. The tender had to be prepared using the borough’s structured POQ procurement system. This is vital for any tennis court construction or renovation in order to ensure the correct quality of work and standard of materials – plus, of course, to control budgetary expectations.

ETC Sports produced a highly competitive tender to repair tennis courts across both sites, from the initial renovations to the final tennis court surfacing. Our network of respected suppliers, track record of quality work spanning two decades, and full accreditation with SAPCA, CHAS and ISO:9001 were all key factors in establishing our suitability for the work.

But it was also our fair and honest pricing, ability to deliver quickly and extensive list of previous satisfied clients that attracted the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to select our bid. Our commitment to complete the entire renovation and tennis court surfacing within just 3 months and for a budget of just over £120,000 delivered exactly the speed, quality and value for money the client was looking for.

How our work has revitalised Victoria Park & Bethnal Green Gardens

We were required to repair tennis courts featuring porous asphalt surface across the two sites, comprising 8 individual courts in total. At Victoria Park there was also a need for a new drainage and fencing system to protect the courts’ performance and security. This was followed by final tennis court surfacing.

All of this had to be carried out to LTA approved standards and completed in time for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ re-opening of the two sites. We worked diligently to meet the schedule and were successful in completing all work on time, within budget and to the client’s complete satisfaction.

We are particularly thrilled that our work has contributed to a major Olympic overhaul of Victoria Park, which has been so successful that the popular facility has won the Green Flag Green Flag’s Peoples Choice Award for London’s Favourite Park for 2012.

What the London Borough of Tower Hamlets had to say about our work

Simon Butler is the Sports Capacity Manager for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. We worked closely with him in the planning, management and execution of the project. He has been kind enough to give his positive comments on our standard of work.

“From the beginning of the process to the completion of the tennis court surfacing working with ETC Sports has been a pleasant experience” Simon has confirmed. “The weather caused us a number of difficulties, but even throughout those problems we found ETC Sports to be professional and honest in all situations. The quality of work has proved to be exceptional and we are very happy that Tower Hamlets tennis courts are now being enjoyed by the local and wider communities in great numbers thanks to the great work that ETC Sports carried out.”

The new tennis courts are now a thriving sporting facility that will offer enjoyment for decades to come regardless of weather or heavy usage. Everyone at ETC Sports is proud to have been a driver in a project that offers so much potential and benefit for current and future generations.

Client Details London Borough of Tower Hamlets Town Hall Mulberry Place 5 Clove Crescent E14 2BG Reference: Simon Butler (Sports Capacity Manager) Telephone: 0207 364 3126 Website: www.towerhamlets.gov.uk

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Contract Details Description: Resurfacing of Four All Weather Porous Asphalt Tennis Courts with Fencing at Victoria Park & Resurfacing of Four All Weather Porous Asphalt Tennis Courts at Bethnal Green Gardens. Contract Value: £102,988.00 Duration of Works: 8weeks Year Completed: 2012