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All weather pitches for all-year-round play

In recent years, the demand for all weather pitches has reached an unprecedented high, and the choices have never been more varied. With thirty years’ experience and full SAPCA accreditation, ETC Sports is a trusted choice across the UK when it comes to the design, installation and maintenance of weather resistant pitches including 3G pitches, sand-filled, sand dressed and needle punch surfaces. We offer an end-to-end service including a free, no obligation consultation and site survey to get you started on the right solution for your facility.

The latest technology for all weather surfaces

Generally, an all weather pitch measures 3,000 sq/m or larger and is equipped with the surface and drainage characteristics to provide safe, outdoor play in varied weather conditions. If your facility is smaller, then talk to us about a multi use games area. But, if you’re catering for outdoor players on a larger pitch, then we can work with our network of preferred suppliers to construct the ideal all weather pitch for your circumstances and budget.

New technology innovations have made the 3G surface a particularly popular choice to cater for football and rugby. Emulating natural grass, these surfaces are also hardwearing enough to withstand repeated impact, plus their free-draining technology provides slip-free, comfortable play even in the wettest conditions.  There are also options available to accommodate all weather tennis, cricket and hockey – each one designed and engineered to provide the perfect performance properties for the sport in question.

Thinking ahead: All weather pitch maintenance

Even at the design and consultation stage, it’s a smart move to consider what’s involved in caring for your all weather pitch, to make sure your chosen surface is practical and affordable to maintain. Our experienced staff can advise you on every aspect of installing and caring for these types of pitches. We can create a cost-effective maintenance package to fit your circumstances, plus we can advise on all the extras, including fencing, floodlighting and finishing equipment.

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