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Cutting edge 3G rugby pitch installation, equipment and maintenance

As a full contact game played in all weathers, rugby is one of the most demanding areas of sports pitch construction. Rugby players don’t compromise – and they don’t stop for rain or even snow, so a 3G rugby pitch must be equipped to withstand the rigours of heavy play, provide a safe non-slip surface, and need minimal maintenance during its life span.

Thanks to advances in 3G technology, all of this can be achieved within a surface that emulates the look and feel of natural turf. Modern all weather rugby pitches are also stud resistant and hardwearing, reducing maintenance requirements and therefore maximising return on your investment.

Artificial rugby pitches: the choices…

When you’re looking at installing a 3G rugby pitch, we recommend two main options. The dynamic base is a hardwearing cost-effective synthetic surface, whilst the popular engineered base is a non-abrasive synthetic turf pitch needing only minimal upkeep. Your choice of pitch will depend on numerous factors, including the size and capacity of your facility, how heavily the pitch is used, whether you need to cater for evening sessions (in which case, you’ll need to incorporate sports floodlights into the design) and – of course – your budget.

Professional, end-to-end service for your rugby pitch construction

With more than three decades’ experience in sports pitch construction, we’re also fully accredited with SAPCA and CHAS and ISO 9001 registered. Our staff are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of designing, installing and caring for rugby pitches, and operate to stringent codes of conduct and health and safety, both on and off site. Our clients trust us and return to us because they know that we’ll deliver the highest quality service at competitive rates, meeting all their installation, maintenance and resurfacing needs. You can read first-hand about their experiences of our sports surface solutions here.

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