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Cricket has been played in the UK since the 16th century and is one of Britain’s most enduringly popular pastimes. Mentally and physically challenging, the sport demands diverse skills depending on each players’ position on the pitch – and so modern artificial cricket pitches must deliver on a whole host of requirements.

Thankfully, innovations in all-weather artificial turf mean that cricket pitch surfaces can deliver the feeling of a traditional grass pitch plus the many advantages that come with a synthetic option. Players can enjoy their sport on a surface that offers the right level of performance and bounce, but with the added benefits of free drainage in wet conditions, slip-free safety and surface resilience to minimise maintenance requirements and maximise usage all year round.

Choosing the right cricket pitch surface

ETC Sports offers a range of artificial surfaces, designed to meet all levels of play and usage. A Woven surface is the premium choice for professional cricket. It’s a highly durable surface that will stand up to even the heaviest playing conditions and promises a life span of at least 10 years. Needle punch carpet is an excellent choice for schools, amateur clubs and community facilities, since it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and balances performance, life span and budget. We also offer tufted artificial grass pitches – a great entry-level option for smaller facilities where a cost-effective but reliable solution is required.

Planning for your cricket pitch maintenance

As well as helping you choose the right surface, our expert team can assist with additional equipment, including rebound board and other fencing options, plus floodlighting to maximise both practice and competition hours. It’s also vital to think about future maintenance requirements right from the start. We offer extremely competitive maintenance packages that will minimise cost and disruption, ensuring that your cricket pitch stays up to scratch for many years to come.

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