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Tennis court construction for all levels of play

There are many tennis court construction options available in the UK. It can therefore be difficult to decide which surface is right for your facility. But, given tennis’s popularity , it’s important to get this right.

According to the Lawn Tennis Association, tennis is a enjoying a boom in the UK. Recent years show a 14% increase in players and a 5% increase in club membership. So, the demand for cutting edge, all-year-round tennis court surfaces has never been higher.

Tennis demands speed, precision and stamina. So, it’s essential that your tennis courts deliver optimal performance, whilst standing up to the rigours of regular play.  At ETC Sports Surfaces, we specialise in the design, construction and maintenance of tennis surfaces – as well as tennis court resurfacing.  We have a comprehensive range of solutions for schools, sports centres, clubs and private facilities.

Specialists in clay, artificial grass and asphalt tennis surfaces

In tennis, different levels of play depend on different surface properties. That’s why choosing tennis court contractors with 30 years’ experience makes sense. The ETC Sports team is always on top of the latest surface and equipment advances. And we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of industry guidelines and technical advances. As a result, your new tennis court construction will cater to your players’ needs, fit your budget and be easy to maintain.

We’re also market leaders in space and cost-saving tennis innovations. These include Tweener®, the LED tennis court lighting system with the potential to halve your installation and running costs. Plus, we’ve launched Power Padel, the award-winning Padel court system that can be lifted, moved and stored for maximum flexibility.

Resurfacing and maintenance for your court

As well as tennis court surface design and installation, we can provide the right fencing and floodlighting for your court. In addition, we offer tennis court resurfacing and maintenance packages to keep your courts in optimum condition. Typically, our clients are so happy with our initial services that they return to us for all their aftercare projects. Read some of their case studies here.

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