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Acrylic Tennis Courts from trusted expert contractors 

Modern acrylic tennis courts offer great advantages for tennis and court sports, including consistent ball bounce, safety and durability. Plus, acrylic surfaces require very little maintenance. So, they’re a cost-effective choice for return on investment. What’s more, basic maintenance can often be carried out in-house. Even acrylic tennis court surface maintenance is relatively inexpensive when it’s required.

ETC Sports Surfaces have 30 years’ experience in installing sports surfaces, including acrylic tennis courts. Our solutions are designed, installed and maintained to the highest standards. That’s why schools, clubs and private clients trust us to upgrade and maintain their acrylic tennis court surfaces.

Which tennis court is right for my facility?

There are two main types of tennis courts that we recommend:

Non Porous Acrylic Surfaces:

These surfaces layer acrylic sports flooring over a concrete base. Plus, they’re available with a cushioned or non-cushioned finish. Ball speed and bounce are controlled by adjusting the surface’s texture. This creates excellent conditions at any standard, including professional play. These acrylic tennis courts need careful design and installation to protect against water or frost damage. So, choosing the right contractor will protect the lifespan of your court.

Porous Acrylic Surfaces:

These types of tennis courts are an increasingly popular choice for UK clubs. That’s because they deliver the same playing performance as a non porous surface. In addition, they benefit from free drainage. We achieve this by laying a porous asphalt base, then combining a binder and surfacing course beneath the acrylic surface. So, porous acrylic tennis courts deliver consistent play conditions over long time periods.

SAPCA issues a clear code of installation practice to guide acrylic tennis court installation. It’s vital that your contractor adheres to this code to make sure your courts perform well. That’s why ETC Sports Surfaces is an approved member of SAPCA. We comply with their code of practice plus our own Health & Safety standards for your peace of mind.

Meeting the highest industry standards for all types of tennis courts

Our services include:

  • A free, no obligation site survey.
  • Professional design and installation of your tennis court.
  • Excellent on-site workmanship, approved by SAPCA and CHAS, and ISO 9001 accredited.
  • Competitive care and maintenance packages to protect your surface.

If you are considering installing or resurfacing an acrylic tennis court, contact us for friendly, professional, no obligation advice.