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Matchplay 2 pitches supplied by trusted experts

Fast paced and full contact sports demand a tough pitch that stands up to all weather use. Matchplay 2 surfaces, from our friends at Playrite, are a great solution. That’s because they’re affordable, easy to maintain and hard wearing. These surfaces are formed by needling together layers of polymer fibres. That creates a durable surface with excellent cushioning for bounce and contact. Plus, needle punch carpets can be finished with a sand dressed infill. This provides excellent drainage, maintaining the quality of your Matchplay II surface for many years.

Matchplay 2 surfaces are suitable for many sports including cricket, football and hockey as well as tennis, netball and badminton. And, of course, they’re also an ideal choice for a MUGA surface if space is tight.

ETC Sports Surfaces are experts in designing and installing Matchplay 2 surfaces. We start by performing a free survey of your site. Then we design just the right solution for your venue and users, installed by our professional, highly trained workmen. We can also help you plan the right maintenance package to safeguard your pitch for the future.

Why choose a needle punch carpet?

Needle punch carpet surfaces have many benefits. They feature a built-in cushion layer that is ideal for medium paced play. They feel more natural than some other artificial sports surfaces. Plus, they offer protective impact for safety and comfort.  Matchplay 2 surfaces also feature excellent drainage. So, you can resume play as soon as thirty minutes after rain, maximising playing time, keeping your players happy and increasing revenue potential.

We can customise your Matchplay II surface with a range of colours and markings. We can also inlay the surface with permanent lines if required. What’s more, with the right maintenance, these surfaces provide a performance lifespan of up to ten years.

As with all sports surfaces, it’s important to ensure that the design, manufacture, installation and care of your Matchplay 2 surface is carefully planned. ETC Sports Surfaces’ specialist team is on hand to provide you with expert advice and technical guidance – from site survey to installation and ongoing care. We’ll configure the solution that is best suited to your facility’s needs and your organisational priorities. You’ll enjoy a future proofed sports surface that will perform for years to come.

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