21st Century Hockey Pitch Construction

Developing excellence in schools through a 21st century hockey pitch construction

The origins of hockey date back over centuries with the roots of the modern day traceable to the 1800s. Today, the game’s popularity and pedigree remains at the forefront of British team sport. The thrill of the pitch translates beautifully to the schools arena. Since hockey pitch constructions are typically an indoor affair the sport’s winter season is ideal to promote all-year-round delivery of  physical education targets.

Hockey can translate well to your MUGA if your school has one. However for schools considering a complete hockey pitch construction the benefits for pupils and income generation alike are considerable.

Maximising your hockey pitch construction to promote your curriculum

Hockey has changed greatly over the years – the fast paced excitement and competitive levels of play we enjoy today are largely due to advances in hockey surfaces. Modern artificial hockey turf uses sand fill technology to give a breathtaking experience of speed and power. It’s also a sport with healthy competitive scope.

Particularly amongst older pupils the curriculum highlights the importance of whole body control, developing speed and stamina, creative thinking and outwitting opponents in a team context. These elements combine perfectly on the hockey surface. For schools with available space a 21st century hockey pitch construction will yield great rewards in promoting school team spirit and encouraging physical development.

Promoting your school’s performance through your hockey pitch construction

The hockey season runs from September to May, fitting perfectly with the academic year. An indoor hockey pitch construction with a state of the art hockey surface will be an asset to your school. Inter-school competitions are a great way to highlight your facilities and prepare students for club hockey tournaments. With 1050 hockey clubs in the UK – many with youth divisions – your hockey surface will offer youngsters the starting ground they need to excel as impressive ambassadors for your institution. The England Hockey Board gives comprehensive information about club level competitions and how to get your youngsters started.

Integrating special educational needs by using the right hockey surface for the game

Multi-ability sport is a fantastic way to encourage teamwork and understanding between able-bodied and disabled students. In particular, Zone Hockey is highly suitable for multi-ability play. Your hockey pitch construction can be adapted to the number of players and level of competition. Tournaments for players under 13 years are played over half the hockey surface on a 7-a-side basis. Competitions for students from 14 to 18 make the most of your hockey pitch construction by using the entire hockey surface. The varying team sizes and levels of play are ideal to ensure a full integration between disabled and able bodied players, whatever the profile of your school population.

Generating income and building your profile through your hockey pitch construction

Just as schools can generate income through enterprising use of their MUGA (see our related article for details), so a brand new hockey pitch construction can attract users keen to find premises at reasonable rates. Clubs – especially new clubs – may well be searching for a decent hockey surface. State of repair, cost and availability could all affect their ability to find the right venue. A new school hockey surface is the perfect choice, since it naturally offers other typical school facilities such as changing rooms and car parking. A regular source of income from renting out your hockey pitch construction will be a welcome addition to your school’s funds. It can offer great opportunities to promote yourself within the local community too.

Hockey pitch construction: getting the basics right and enhancing the facility

For schools seeking a team alternative to football the benefits of investing in a hockey pitch construction are clear. Speed and accuracy are vital to this sport so plan your facility with care. A sand dressed artificial hockey turf is a good option for cost effective delivery and serious playing performance. It’s well worth investing in tough, durable sports fencing for your hockey surface to protect your surroundings (and spectators!) from  those high speed passes. Floodlighting is a great addition to any hockey pitch construction or, indeed, multi use games area – ensuring good visibility for players and spectators as well as maximum use of your hockey surface in the evenings and during winter months.

The more comprehensive your hockey pitch construction, the more opportunity there is to capitalise on its use. To explore the options take a look at our hockey pitch services and start planning today!