Benefits of the 3G Football Pitch

With football season starting this month, we thought we would look at some of the advantages of having a synthetic football surface and why local clubs should be switching from natural grass to a 3G pitch.

Every football club and sports centre want to make optimal use of their facility without the worry of bad weather conditions and cancelling games. That’s why 3G Turf is increasingly popular and quickly becoming an investment that shows an effective return.

One of the biggest hesitations from community clubs can be cost. Good news, however is there are schemes, such as the Premier League & FA Facilities Fund that are supporting local clubs across the country by providing grants for building and refurbishing football facilities, including 3G Artificial Grass Pitches. Find out more about the PLFAFF here

So, why should you consider converting to a 3G Football Pitch?

  1. It is an all-weather surface, which means regardless of the weather or time of year, football matches can continue without the worry of bad conditions or cancelling games.
  2. 3G surfaces are adaptable to fit your facility’s size and budget and you will save money long term from more simple maintenance tasks and playing more games throughout the year.
  3. There are many finishes to choose from, including two-tone 3G turf, which emulates the look and feel of natural grass, whilst being maintenance friendly.
  4. A specialised shockpad layer can be included in a synthetic football pitch to absorb impact and reduce risk of injury to players.
  5. The 3G pitch requires less maintenance than natural grass and with no watering, mowing or weed removal, the 3G turf is an environmentally friendly option.
  6. Developed for intensive use, the 3G surface is hard-wearing, durable and resilient, meaning more teams, more training and more matches, whilst retaining its look and feel.
  7. 3G football pitches are designed to meet both amateur and professional levels of play, and
  8. It provides a consistent and quality playing surface with excellent playing characteristics, including ball bounce and ball roll.

For more information on 3G Pitches, please click here.

Alternatively, our expert sports surface contractors will be happy to discuss the range of specifications with you to ensure you choose the most appropriate 3G pitch to meet your facility’s requirements.