ETC Sports Now Offer Flexible Financing Plans for Clients

ETC Sports Surfaces are pleased to announce that we can now provide our clients with a flexible financing plan that enables you to spread the cost of your sports surface construction project.

At ETC Sports, we recognise that installing or refurbishing your sports facility can be a significant investment for any local authority, school, leisure centre or sports club. That’s why, we are offering our clients a flexible finance plan that helps you to achieve your ideal sports facility without having to wait months or even years to secure the required funds.

With a fixed payment plan of up to 5 years and a range of repayment options, it could not be easier to build or improve your sports facility. Our finance scheme, ultimately enables you to start earning money back on your brand-new facility immediately – so the project can quickly start paying for itself!

Benefits of financing for customers, include:

  • ‘Pay as you earn’ – spreading the cost of your sports surface, enables your facility to generate revenue for you, contributing to the repayments
  • Simple and easy application process
  • Flexible payment terms (monthly, quarterly or even annual repayments)
  • Little impact on annual budget
  • Keep cash within your organisation, school or club
  • Options to upgrade at the end of term, for a similar repayment.

Our experienced sports surface contractors will be happy to discuss our finance scheme and flexible payment plans with you in more details. What’s more, we also provide a free consultation, site visit and quotation to ensure we can provide you with advice tailored to your individual requirements.

Please contact us today.