Tweener® tennis court lighting UK

ETC Sports Surfaces to supply Tweener® tennis court lighting in the UK

ETC Sports Surfaces is thrilled to announce that we have been named as the sole SAPCA approved UK contractor authorised to distribute a cutting-edge new LED lighting system that’s set to revolutionise tennis court floodlights in the UK.

Designed and patented by our European partners, NLX (Next Lighting eXperience), Tweener®’s innovative LED technology has the power to drastically reduce the cost of installing, running and maintaining your floodlights – whilst providing optimum visibility with no glare or shadow.

What’s more, Tweener®’s tennis court lighting can be fitted in less than a day and powered at a fraction of the price of traditional column floodlights. It’s the ideal way to maximise the usage of your courts, keep your players delighted with their experience and significantly cut your capital and ongoing expenditure, all in one go!

Award-winning LED tennis court lighting at half the cost

The result of two years of intensive research and development, Tweener® provides an award-winning, patented tennis court lighting solution that cuts your purchasing, installation and running costs by 50% – thanks to its innovative LED technology and out-of-the-box installation system. The benefits of choosing Tweener® include:

  • Up to 50% savings on the purchase, installation, maintenance and running costs of tennis court floodlights.
  • Easy installation in less than a day – with no inconvenient structural works.
  • Exceptional shadow and glare-free illumination, even on high balls.
  • Light uniformity across the court surface for unbeatable visibility.
  • Elegant fence integration as standard, making the system invisible when it is not in use.
  • An average illuminance level of 300 lux and illumination uniformity factor of 0.7 (AFNOR NF P90-110 compliant).

Tweener® won the 2018 Tennis Industry Innovation Challenge in the USA and it’s so popular that more than 250 leading European tennis courts have chosen the system to provide their tennis court lighting. If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits too, download the brochure or contact us now to enquire.

Revolutionary tennis court floodlights for all outdoor courts

Tweener® ® is compatible with most outdoor court configurations including single courts, multiple courts, open singles or doubles. The kit arrives ready to go and contains these components as standard:  

  • 20 x pre-connected LED bars (16 x long and 4 x short) supplied with waterproof connectors.
  • 2 x electrical supply boxes.
  • A universal fastening system.
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Installation involves no structural disruption and is so easy it can be completed in under a day. What’s more, the unique fence integration system achieves an elegant and discreet solution for equipping your tennis courts with lights that are economical to run and maintain, but powerful enough to maximise visibility across the court, no matter what the natural light conditions.

Changing the face of the UK’s LED sports floodlightings

ETC Sports Surfaces is committed to providing cutting edge, convenient and cost-effective solutions for clubs, leisure centres and professional facilities across the UK. When it comes to tennis court lighting, Tweener® ticks all these boxes without compromising on quality, power or performance.

So, we’re truly delighted to be confirmed as the only SAPCA approved contractor authorised to distribute Tweener® in the UK.  According to our Managing Director, Simon Wells: “Tweener® is an exciting new lighting product that will transform the way in which the UK sports industry installs LED sports floodlightings. NLX have been leading the European market in designing and manufacturing innovative, high value LED lighting solutions for more than a decade now. We are greatly looking forward to working with them to introduce this solution to the UK market.”

Are you interested in cutting the cost of tennis court LED flood lights?

If you’re considering purchasing Tweener®, ETC Sports Surfaces is the only SAPCA approved contractor authorised by NFX to sell this fantastic product. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how much you can save on tennis court lighting.

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