maintenance / Artifical Tennis Courts

Tennis courts, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and all-weather pitches all require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and to prolong the life span of the surface.  That’s why at ETC Sports Surfaces we offer a complete tennis court maintenance service that includes the resurfacing, repair and cleaning of all types of artificial tennis courts. 

Tennis is an extremely popular sport across the UK and therefore clubs will prosper from regular artificial tennis court maintenance to ensure that members play on quality, clean and safe courts.  Maintenance requirements vary according to the type of tennis surface you have installed, which is why we carry out a free no-obligation site survey before compiling the perfect tennis court maintenance programme to suit your needs.

At ETC Sports Surfaces we have a transparent pricing structure, providing schools, higher education establishments, sports centres, tennis clubs and residential properties with the most comprehensive and cost-effective tennis court maintenance service.


We offer special discounted rates for clients who take out annual court maintenance contracts and offer a range of benefits, including a free user friendly guide on keeping your tennis court in prestige condition in-between our annual visits.

Our experienced and professional tennis court contractors understand the importance of ensuring the level of care matches the tennis court’s surface type, level of play and volume of usage. That’s why we will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate maintenance method for your facility and to protect your investment.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following artificial tennis court maintenance services:

  • Tennis court resurfacing to freshen and preserve your court line markings
  • Tennis court cleaning to combat moss and guard against weed growth
  • Replacement of any damaged or old nets to bring your tennis court back to life
  • Tennis court repair to ensure the quality, cleanliness and safety of your tennis courts
  • Yearly tennis court maintenance contracts with discounted deals
  • Complete tennis court refurbishment to renew your existing facility
  • Cost-effective, efficient court maintenance with premium results
  • Free, user-friendly tennis court maintenance guide