maintenance / All Weather Pitches

Football pitches, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and all-weather pitches, all require regular artificial grass maintenance to keep them in top playing condition. By carrying out regular sports pitch maintenance you will ultimately protect your investment whilst ensuring the safety of players and performance of your playing surface.

Here at ETC Sports Surfaces, we offer a variety of convenient all weather pitch maintenance services for schools, academies, sports clubs and training facilities that will keep sports surface in great playing condition all year round.

The right sports pitch maintenance strategy can vary depending on the type of playing surface you have installed and its level of usage. That’s why we carry out free site surveys to help put together the perfect all weather pitch maintenance programme to suit your facility’s requirements.


As a result of surface usage, the infill in all-weather pitches can disperse outwards and become low in high wear areas. The ideal hockey or football pitch maintenance solution is to brush the surface with a heavy duty drag brush.  However, when a synthetic pitch is used regularly, even when brushing is undertaken, the infill becomes compacted across the surface. Unless a robust sports pitch maintenance programme is in place, it can lead to poor drainage and playing characteristics. Therefore, we advise that de-compaction should be carried out professionally every six months.

The majority of 3G pitches and all-weather surfaces require one maintenance visit per month, which is what ETC Sports Surfaces offer as our all-weather pitch maintenance package. However we are always happy to discuss flexible options.  Additionally, we offer discounted rates for clients who take out sports surface maintenance contracts. 


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following all-weather pitch maintenance services:

  • Hockey and football pitch maintenance, including brushing of all-weather pitches
  • Professional de-compaction of all-weather pitches to remove unwanted debris
  • Monthly and annual 3G pitch maintenance visits
  • Artificial pitch maintenance, including cleaning and rejuvenation of synthetic pitches
  • Respraying line markings on synthetic pitches using the latest laser technology
  • All weather pitch maintenance contracts with discounted deals