maintenance / Asphalt Tennis Courts

At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the best tennis court maintenance techniques for porous asphalt tennis courts.  We are professional tennis court contractors who are highly experienced in all aspects of tennis court resurfacing, repair and maintenance for schools, clubs, academies and private residents.

Most tennis courts require no more than one surface clean per year, although if your court is sheltered by trees then you may require two visits.  At ETC Sports Surfaces, we carry out a free site survey and consultation to ensure you have the most appropriate tennis court maintenance programme for your facility’s requirements.


Regular tennis court maintenance and resurfacing will prolong the longevity of your tennis court and will help reduce the risk of more costly repairs later on.  As well as prolonging the life of your court, regular tennis court resurfacing will protect players against possible slippage and injury. It will also ensure that the court performs to the right level of play.

Porous asphalt tennis courts require very little maintenance, with the main issue being a build-up of moss over a period of time, especially during winter months.  Not only does moss make the surface slippery, it can also penetrate the pores of the asphalt and will begin to break up the surface if left unattended.

To prevent this from happening, ETC Sports Surfaces carry out a simple and effective tennis court maintenance programme that combats moss and other hazardous factors to keep your tennis court in great playing condition.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following asphalt tennis court maintenance services:

  • Tennis court resurfacing to freshen and preserve your court line markings
  • Tennis court cleaning to combat moss and guard against weed growth
  • Replacement of any damaged or old nets to bring your tennis court back to life
  • Tennis court repair to ensure the quality, cleanliness and safety of your tennis courts
  • Yearly tennis court maintenance contracts with discounted deals
  • Complete tennis court refurbishment to renew your existing facility
  • Cost-effective, efficient court maintenance with premium results
  • Free, user-friendly tennis court maintenance guide