New Tennis Court Lighting for Leading London Club

Leading London tennis court lighting up with award winning Tweener® system

As we begin to emerge from the 2020 Covid crisis, ETC Sports Surfaces are delighted to see our customers start to re-open their sporting venues. So, to celebrate, we’re pleased to share great news from Our Lady of Muswell Lawn Tennis Club. Once again, the club has turned to us to further upgrade their already outstanding facilities. The latest improvement is an installation of award-winning LED Tennis Court lighting system, Tweener®. We’re the only main sports surface contractor licensed to sell Tweener in the UK. And, in partnership with the system’s manufacturer, NLX, we’re achieving great cost savings and superior lighting conditions for courts across the UK. We’re delighted to have another happy customer in the form of Our Lady of Muswell LTC, who have given us five-star reviews, both for our service and the lighting system itself.

We are proud to have enjoyed a relationship with Our Lady of Muswell LTC for more than 25 years now. Our last project with them was to resurface two outdoor courts with a Matchplay 2 surface, so that all five courts now provide a superior playing experience. Naturally, when the club committee asked us to help them enhance Court 5 with a new, cost effective tennis court LED floodlights, we were more than happy to help.

Why Tweener tennis court floodlights?

Tweener is an award-winning, patented tennis court LED floodlights system which gives superior visibility, whilst cutting energy consumption by up to 50%. What’s more, its “plug and play” installation means that it can be fitted incredibly quickly and easily. In this case, we had Our Lady of Muswell LTC up and running with their new system in just two days!

Not only is Tweener easy to fit and economical to run, it’s also extremely effective as a tennis court lighting solution. It provides exceptional, uniform lighting across the court. There’s no shadow or glare, no matter where the ball is in play. And, to add to the benefits, it can be integrated into court fencing, making the system barely visible by day. All in all, it’s no wonder that more than 250 European tennis courts have turned to Tweener to illuminate their game.

According to Brenda Stewart, the club’s Committee Chairman, members have reacted enthusiastically to the new tennis court floodlights. In fact, she tells us that they are already asking when the other courts will be upgraded. “We are amazed at how effective the lights are,” she says. “The members love them. They say that the lighting is far superior to our existing floodlights. They prefer to play on Court 5 now, even though it is further away from the clubhouse.”

Cost saving, environmentally friendly tennis court LED floodlights

We launched Tweener tennis court lighting in the UK in April 2019, to help tennis clubs to reduce their carbon footprint and cut their costs. Their patented LED design provides illuminance of more than 300 lux, whilst minimising consumption. That, in part, is down to the fact that this tennis court lighting doesn’t require any warm-up period. And that makes them cheaper to run than traditional floodlight systems. But it also makes them more effective for keen tennis players, according to Brenda. “They save time, as play can start immediately when they are switched on,” she explains. “We have already had positive responses from visiting teams.”

Brenda’s comments are echoed by previous feedback we received from Club Treasurer, Richard Betts. “We have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with ETC Sports Surfaces for over 25 years,” he said in 2019. “Their project manager oversees all the work, making regular site visits and ensuring that all works are carried out in a timely and professional manner. We would not hesitate to recommend them to other tennis clubs.”

We are thrilled to have completed this further upgrade for Our Lady of Muswell Hill LTC. And we’re proud to know that they depend on our services to maintain all of their courts to the highest standard. Lighting up Court 5 for them has been a pleasure for our skilled contracting team. We always enjoy visiting our old friends! And we love the reward of knowing that we have enhanced not just the tennis experience, but the club’s cost efficiencies, with this latest addition of tennis court lighting.

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