Padel tennis court construction comes to the UK

Power Padel tennis court construction comes the UK with ETC Sports Surfaces and Pista Padel World

ETC Sports Surfaces are delighted to announce our new and unique Power Padel tennis court construction. It’s a smart, flexible system that can be lifted, moved and even stored away. That’s significant, because it means that you can offer padel tennis, but still accommodate your court’s other timetables. We’re the only UK contractor offering Power Padel, together with our award-winning European partners, Pista Padel World.

This exciting new offering responds to the padel tennis trend that’s sweeping the UK. Indeed, LTA Padel confirms that more than 3,000 British people are already playing this fast paced, sociable game. What’s more, half enjoy padel tennis once a week or more, and the numbers are growing. So, adapting your venue to cater for this growing trend makes real commercial sense.

Power Padel is cost-effective and easy to install, thanks to the minimal construction works required. So, it’s the smart choice for tennis venues wishing to cater for this increasingly popular sport.

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Why should I consider a padel court installation?

Padel tennis has taken Europe and South America by storm, with well over 2 million players enjoying the sport. Now, it’s hitting the UK: padel tennis has its own governing body plus a national club league. Recently, ITV News called padel the “the fastest growing sport in the world”. Plus, October 2019 sees the launch of London Padel Masters – part of the Word Padel Tour which attracts an audience of 16 million.

It’s clear that Padel is poised to explode in Britain. So, adapting your venue with a padel tennis court construction gives you an opportunity to build your courts’ revenue, reputation and membership.

What type of court do I need to cater for padel tennis?

Padel courts are about a third of the size of normal tennis courts. The rules demand that play engages against the court walls – not unlike squash. So, if you want to offer padel tennis, you’ll need a specialist padel tennis court construction to adapt your facilities.

ETC Sports Surfaces are uniquely placed to provide the right padel tennis solution. Power Padel is the only UK padel court that can be moved, adapted and even put into storage when required. And we can install it without expensive, invasive structural works. We also offer a free site survey, full court customisation to suit your venue and competitive maintenance packages. So, when you choose us, your padel tennis court costs less and delivers more.

These benefits make Power Padel a fantastic option for you to test the market, grow new membership and adapt your facilities according to demand. If you’re thinking about installing a padel tennis court, make sure you talk to us first.

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