Publicise Your Tennis Court

News Getting the word out – clever ways to publicise your new tennis court

If you’re about to invest in building a new tennis court you’ve made an excellent business decision. Tennis is one of the most enduringly popular sports the world has ever known with more than 75 million players registered worldwide. Of these, nearly one million players in the UK visit a tennis court once a month or more, generating a fantastic opportunity for your facility.

Our step by step guide to building a state of the art tennis court will walk you through the key  decisions you  need to plan for – from choosing your tennis court surface to managing your tennis court design and construction. Once your venue is up and running though, the better and more specific your marketing is the more likely you are to build up a loyal and profitable following who will spread the word about the quality of your facility. You never know – you may even generate further commissions to build residential tennis courts if you attract  the right clientele.

Specialise the marketing of your tennis court for the best chance of success

The people most likely to make full and regular use of your new tennis court will be current enthusiasts – so don’t just rely on general marketing in the local paper. For the best results go straight to avenues that will show your tennis court construction off to exactly the right people. Start by registering your tennis court with the Lawn Tennis Association so that millions of players can find you easily through their search facility. Specialist tennis magazines (such as Tennis, Tennis Head and ACE Tennis) are widely read and will get straight to the heart of your market.

A good alternative to booking advertising space is to put out a press release all about your new tennis court construction. In order to get it published find a fresh angle that will inform and entertain. Perhaps you could suggest a feature on why your area will benefit from a new tennis court, why your tennis court design stands apart from others nearby, or the entertaining highs and lows of managing your tennis court construction.

You could do the same for tennis related websites too. Websites need fresh content all the time and the story behind your new tennis court might just make their home page or blog. To maximise publicity locally, organise an opening ceremony for your tennis court and invite a distinguished guest who will attract people to attend – if you can’t get a tennis celebrity your local Mayor is always a good choice. This is a fantastic way to generate word of mouth publicity. Once people have experienced your tennis court design first hand with all it’s amazing features, they will soon want to come back and bring their fellow players too.

Spell out the benefits of your tennis court design

There are 23,000 active tennis courts in the UK, so in order to make yours as successful as possible you need to ensure you are direct with potential players about what you have to offer. If you have installed a state of the art tennis court surface make that clear and explain what the playing benefits are. When choosing a tennis court price is of course a factor, especially when players are considering visiting regularly or booking membership. Consider an introductory offer to get people through the doors so that they can fully appreciate your tennis court. Tell people about the extras that will enhance their experience: your friendly helpful staff, the excellent level of disability access, the superb features of your tennis court design. The more specific you are, the better you equip people to decide that they should choose your venue as their new tennis court.

Adopt inclusive marketing to attract maximum players to your tennis court

Tennis is the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world and has all manner of leagues and forms of play – so don’t miss a trick when your tennis court construction is unveiled. Researching different markets through segmented associations such as the English Federation of Disability Sport and the Women’s Tennis Association will ensure that nobody slips through the net when you launch your tennis court to the world. Don’t forget about junior tennis too – with more and more young people getting passionate about the game a new tennis court in their area will help to inspire them and meet their demand for regular training.

If you get your marketing right from the start and keep your facility in great condition, word of mouth and loyal custom will soon start to take over the work for you. Remember that when running a tennis court, maintenance is important to give your players a superb experience every time. Consult our simple guide to maintaining your sport construction to find out how easy it is to maintain your tennis court and maximise it’s return for you.