Resurfacing asphalt tennis courts in Suffolk

A smart resurfacing solution for asphalt tennis courts at Roundwood Lawn Tennis Club in Suffolk

Enjoying a rich history of more than a century, Roundwood Lawn Tennis Club boasts three full sized tennis courts equipped with floodlighting and pavilion facilities. With a membership keen to participate in social and competitive tennis 365 days a year, hardwearing, high quality playing surfaces are a must. But, Roundwood’s 15-year-old asphalt tennis courts were suffering from waterlogging and needed attention to bring them back up to scratch.

So, when Club Secretary, Martyn Ward, approached ETC Sports Surfaces for assistance, we were determined to find the most cost-effective and convenient solution to breathing new life into their tennis surfaces. We started by conducting a free, no obligation site survey to assess exactly what the courts needed to restore them to optimum condition. Using our thirty years of expertise, we were able to identify a solution that other contractors did not offer. By drilling down into the asphalt tennis courts before reskimming the surface with new asphalt provided by Breedon Group, we saved Roundwood significant time and money, whilst improving drainage and future-proofing Roundwood’s courts.

Adapting our approach to different types of tennis courts

As specialists in the construction, resurfacing and maintenance of asphalt tennis courts (as well as clay, sand filled and acrylic courts), we’re well versed in designing resurfacing solutions that will meet the individual customers’ requirements and budget. In this case, we recognised that attempting to dig up the existing tennis court surfaces was counter-productive and would inflate Roundwood Tennis Club’s budget unnecessarily. As Martyn explains: “ETC’s proposal of drilling and skimming the courts was one that I hadn’t considered, but it resulted in a project quote that was considerably cheaper than the other two quotes I obtained.”

Not only were we able to deliver a much more cost-effective solution, we were also able to resurface the club’s hard tennis courts in less than four weeks, a turnaround that was appreciated by both the club committee and the members, according to Martyn. “After initial works, the new courts were left over the winter months to allow the tarmac to settle, before re-spraying,” he recalls. “Over these months we had absolutely no problems with any waterlogging – which was a great relief to our members, who historically have had to sponge and mop up water before playing whenever it rains. Bad weather meant that we had to reschedule spraying and finishing of the tennis court surfaces, but ETC’s maintenance team demonstrated great communication in helping us to organise alternative dates.”

We’re so delighted to hear this feedback! It’s testimony to our commitment to provide professional, affordable tennis court resurfacing with outstanding service at every stage of the customer’s journey. That doesn’t just mean working with each customer to find the right bespoke solution for them. It also extends to our exemplary on-site working practices, something that Martyn recognises. “ETC’s team were always on time, and always working hard whenever I popped up to see them,” he says. “They consistently kept the site clean and tidy. When an incorrect batch of asphalt was delivered, they were quick to notice the problem where I couldn’t spot any difference! What’s more, although it took them an extra day to resolve that problem, they made no additional charge for remedying the situation.”

Tennis court resurfacing that’s set to last

Roundwood’s freshly resurfaced asphalt tennis courts are set to last at least 12 years, giving them a modern playing solution that has delighted the club’s members. Nonetheless, we always encourage customers to think about their future maintenance requirements from the outset, and this was appreciated by the committee, according to Martyn. “ETC have given us good maintenance advice and have offered us a good deal for future court cleansing and repainting stages,” he says. “From my personal experience and on behalf of Roundwood, I can thoroughly recommend ETC for a fantastic professional job in resurfacing our courts.”

It has been a genuine pleasure working with Martyn and Roundwood Tennis Club, and we’re so pleased that we have been able to maintain the club’s long service history with a tennis court resurfacing solution that will play a part in tennis continuing at Roundwood for many more years to come!

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