Summer Maintenance for Your Artificial Sports Pitch

Sports pitches and multi-use games areas (MUGAs) all require regular maintenance throughout the year to keep them in top playing condition. There are however, certain maintenance tasks for artificial sports pitches, that can be carried out during the summer months when the weather conditions are warm and dry.

Corrective maintenance tasks, such as refreshing line markings can be dependent on dry weather, which makes the summer months an ideal time to carry out this procedure. Refreshed line markings can significantly enhance the appearance and attraction of an artificial sports surface and there may be many reasons why you wish to do so.   For example, you may have considered adding extra line markings to extend the layout of your pitch, the rules of a sport may have changed or you may simply want to renew and refresh existing line markings in time for a new sporting season. Whatever, the reason, it is worth making the necessary enquiries with a specialist sports surface contractor to arrange this maintenance work to be completed before the end of summer.

Other preventative procedures such as a deep clean of your all-weather pitch and an infill top up is also worthwhile completing during the summer months, as it is easier to penetrate the top layer of infill when dry. The deep cleaning of your synthetic grass pitch will consist of lifting, de-compacting and cleaning the infill, followed by the application of additional infill where necessary. This maintenance task will not only improve the look and feel of the pitch, it will also improve playing quality and performance characteristics.   Deep cleaning your artificial sports pitch is a procedure that should be carried out in addition to regular pitch maintenance routines, such as drag brushing and general cleaning to combat moss.

It is important when planning pitch maintenance that the procedure fits your particular facility and the type of sports surface you have installed, this includes matching maintenance tasks to the surface type, level of play and volume of usage.  Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a specialist sports surface contractor to carry out this work.

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