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Leading the standard in artificial clay tennis courts

Modern tennis demands the right playing surface and clay is the traditional choice. That’s because it provides the speed and precision that makes tennis exciting. But caring for natural clay can be tricky. So, artificial clay tennis courts are a popular choice for clubs across the UK.

Clay tennis courts offer great grip and controlled spin, sliding and rallies. But traditional clay courts have disadvantages too. The main problem is that they’re not equipped for heavy rainfall. And that leads to frustrating “rain stops play” situations.

Artificial clay tennis courts don’t compact and need less maintenance, so they’re a great solution. ETC Sports Surfaces specialise in clay tennis court construction. Our surfaces balance the demands of heavy play with practical issues like care and maintenance.

What’s more, we’re the only UK main contractor approved to supply Tweener LED tennis court lighting. It’s an award-winning LED lighting system developed by French company, NLX. Tweener has the power to halve your installation and running costs. You can fit the system in less than a day and it guarantees optimum lighting in any conditions. 

Why choose a surface made from artificial clay?

Most UK tennis courts experience heavy usage, all-year-round. So, artificial clay tennis courts feature mono-filament artificial fibres. This secures the in-fill whilst still allowing free movement. Plus, it stops the top layer of the surface from compacting. That promotes water drainage and preserves the playing properties of clay tennis courts over a long period.

There are many suppliers of artificial clay tennis courts in the UK. But few have mastered the art of clay tennis court construction that performs like a natural surface. ETC Sports Surfaces have three decades’ experience of designing and installing clay tennis courts, and every day we use that experience to benefit our customers. We’ll work with you to find the right court for your facility. What’s more, we’ll design and install that solution to the highest standard. And it will be delivered within budget and on schedule – every time.

Artificial clay tennis court maintenance made easy

Clay tennis court surfaces need very little in terms of tennis court maintenance. They only require brushing once a day (as opposed to after every match). Plus, they don’t need any additional preparing for the season. So, they’re labour and cost saving and can be kept open all the time. We offer cost efficient maintenance packages to protect the lifespan of your court. And, when required, we can provide full tennis court resurfacing, keeping your courts in prime condition for decades to come.

Clay tennis court installation with outstanding service 

If you need to install, resurface or maintain a clay court, talk to us for:

  • The latest artificial clay solutions
  • A free site survey plus expert design and fitting.
  • High quality workmanship to CHAS, SAPCA and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Cost effective aftercare packages to maintain your courts.

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