The Importance of Choosing the Correct Tennis Court Construction Company

One of the first things constructing a tennis court necessitates is finding an experienced, reputable tennis court construction company. Here is why this is so important.

Tennis Court Construction

Understanding Your Needs

To begin with, requirements can vary significantly between tennis courts for clubs, schools or private properties. In addition to variances in available space, different levels of player ability require different types of surface to provide optimal playing conditions and, if the court is to be used for competitive matches, specific LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) and/or ITF (International Tennis Federation) standards/guidelines have to be adhered to.

While it is possible to learn more about these guidelines and different types, specifications and sizes of surfaces on the LTA, ITF and SAPCA (Sports and Play Construction Association; specifically, the Code of Tennis Court Construction & Maintenance Practice) Websites, it is important to ensure that the company you select has the knowledge and experience to advise you in the selection of the right specifications and surface for your court. Naturally, such a company must also have the ability to provide the necessary type of surface to the required specifications and adhere to the above mentioned standards/guidelines.

Laying the Foundations

The construction of tennis courts traditionally commences with a foundation of stone being covered with tarmac (or, as it is also often called, porous asphalt). This tarmac is then topped with the correct court surface to suit player preferences/abilities. Reputable construction companies will use top quality materials for the foundation to ensure it will last.


Tennis courts are typically fenced, and it is important that the company constructing a court not only offers a variety of fencing types, but is also able to advise you which type of fencing would be the most cost-effective and most secure option for your purpose and location.


Good court construction companies will be able to both advise on and assist in the maintenance of courts in order to ensure the court retains its appearance and playing properties for many years to come.


These points make it clear that choosing the correct tennis court construction company is highly important in order to ensure your court is of the highest quality, in compliance with relevant guidelines/standards and suitable for your purpose – and will remain so for years. Contact ETC Sports now on Tel.:  01621 85 86 86 or e-mail: to learn more.