Trevelyan Middle School

ETC Sports Surfaces Limited have recently completed a project at Trevelyan Middle School, Windsor. The works were carried out from 3rd January 2018 until 28th February 2018, the colour spray was completed by June 2018. The works consisted of the construction of a “new” Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) with a Porous Asphalt Surface, Fencing, Floodlighting, Sports Equipment & Associated Works. The MUGA Pitch surface that ETC Sports Surfaces chose to use was manufactured and supplied by Aggregate Industries, it was the 6mm SuperSport MUGA Open Surface Course Porous Asphalt. The MUGA Fencing System that ETC Sports Surfaces chose was manufactured and supplied by Zaun, it was the Duo8 Super Rebound Sports Fencing. The Sports Floodlights that ETC Sports Surfaces used were manufactured and supplied by Luminance Pro Lighting Systems, it was the 12 Column HiLux ACE LED Sports Floodlighting System.

MUGA’s are becoming increasingly popular surfaces to be used within schools, this is because these facilities usually have limited space, or they have multiple sports on the curriculum. So, to make use of the space and still provide room for all the sports necessary, MUGA’s are used, this allows the teachers and students to play many different sports in the one area, thus taking up little room or occupying the room provided but making the most out of it.

ETC Sports Surfaces can design specific MUGA surfaces depending on the requirements of each facility, there are a few options of materials for the sports surface depending on what sports are going to be carried out upon it, to find out which surface you may need to suit your facilities needs please follow the suitable link below.

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