Westbourne Green SAPCA

ETC Sports Surfaces have secured themselves a contract with Westminster Council, there will be various projects for the Borough completed by ETC. The first project that was started and completed was the construction of an outdoor gym in Westbourne Green.

Outdoor gyms are getting more and more popular, many parks in busier areas are installing them, with the benefits that comes with them it is a good thing to think about, for both the park and the community surrounding. Outdoor gyms offer free exercise, this could be a welcoming instalment for areas of lesser wealth, communities in which people live that may not have the funds to be spending on gym memberships. It is also a family friendly addition to parks, for the parents who have little ones that take up their time, and thus have no free time to go to the gym or any sports classes. The outdoor gym is a good way for parents to encourage their children to exercise, whilst also getting involved themselves.

We look forward to starting the other jobs contracted by Westminster Council. Including 2 new Multi-Use Games Areas, which is the ideal surface for low-budget or small spaced schools and parks. MUGA’s allow you to play multiple games on the one surface, housing all the most popular school games with lower costs.

Multi-Use Games Areas have become a common feature in schools, academies, colleges, universities and public parks and play spaces. The MUGA pitch is a cost-effective solution that meets a wide range of sporting demands for facilities that are restricted by space and budget with one MUGA surface being used to play up to four different sports.

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