Dedicate Your Sports Pitch Construction

Superb suppliers: dedicate your sports pitch construction to the very best with ETC Sports Surfaces Limited’ supplier hotlist

Undertaking a sports pitch construction at any level involves careful choices. Design choices, material choices and, of course, supplier choices. In an industry where consumers expect every aspect of their synthetic sports surface, MUGA, or artificial pitch be state of the art, its vital that your chosen equipment makes the grade. The good news is that ETC Sports Surfaces Limited’ preferred list of suppliers are the best in the business, giving you complete peace of mind.

Helping you choose the right supplier and product for your synthetic sports surface

With a multitude of sports surfacing options out there it’s important to ensure you meet your player’s needs as well as keeping your budget viable. The nature of the sport, weather conditions, cost and maintenance budgets are all considerations, as you can see in our guide to choosing the right synthetic sports surface. There are so many suppliers on the market specialising in different sports surfaces. We’re proud that the cream of the crop are on our preferred suppliers list and ready to help you make your sports pitch construction a centre of excellence.

Spanning multiple sporting disciplines – football, hockey, tennis and rugby to name just a few – industry leaders Desso Sports can always be relied on for the highest quality artificial turf pitches, from sand filled carpets to 3G all-weather pitches. With an 80 year pedigree, this FIFA preferred producer is renowned for its technological advances. Producing 3 million square metres of artificial field turf every year, their industry knowledge is prolific. Particularly if you are involved in football pitch construction, Desso are a name you can rely on.

Also pioneering advances in football pitch construction are Belgian synthetic sports surface giants Lano Sports. In 2007 the launch of their now infamous product Profoot MXS promised the world a new kind of artificial turf pitch – and they certainly delivered! The blend of two monofilaments has drastically improved playing characteristics on all-weather pitches for football, rugby, hockey and many more field sports. Superior aesthetic quality of the two tone artificial turf and reduced maintenance requirements are also winning characteristics of this innovative product.

Whilst these suppliers reach across the board with their synthetic sports surfaces there are also specialist products for more specific games. Global building leaders Lafarge extend their reach far beyond the world of sports – but that doesn’t stop them from producing one of our favourite tennis court surfaces – the Axosport range. These free draining hard court surfaces are ideal for the look and feel tennis players require – and for the unpredictable British climate since they cope extremely well with wet weather. Axosport is also adaptable to other court applications including MUGAs and playground safety surfaces – making Lafarge a good choice as a key supplier for multiple sports pitch constructions.

Choosing exemplary suppliers for your sports pitch construction’s extra facilities.

Our article enhancing your sports pitch construction through technology will really get you thinking about the other elements you should consider over and above your synthetic sports surface. From floodlighting to sports fencing, spectator seating and more, here at ETC Sports we only choose the best in the business to get your job done.

For any sports pitch construction in the UK floodlighting  can reap serious rewards through added revenue during the dark winter months and evenings. Safety is, of course, a key issue. That’s why we ensure that every floodlighting supplier we use – from static floodlighting systems to entire stadium solutions – meet stringent standards. Every one of our installations is accredited by the Sports and Play Construction Association. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your floodlighting system will be as safe and reliable for your users as it is profitable for you.

Not only do your spectators need to be safe, your sports pitch construction need to be secure from burglary and vandalism. Don’t underestimate the value of choosing the right sports fencing for your venue. Over eighty year’s experience is poured into every fence supplied through us by fencing masters J B Corrie. With a multitude of products available their ultra strong chainlink options are a key feature in many of the tennis court fencing we undertake. Meanwhile, leading sports fencing manufacturers Zaun Fencing  have come up with the ultimately adaptable Duo 6 system – a clever and extremely strong interlocking system perfect for commercial sports venues, thanks to its flexible options for gateways, advertising panels, and rebound nets.

At ETC Sports Surfaces Limited your sports pitch construction is the most important thing to us. Our reputation is built by our adherence to excellence and our suppliers form a key part of that chain. Whatever your requirements contact us today to discuss how we can bring your venue to life and achieve quality that will delight you and your users for a lifetime.