Enhancing Sport Construction

Equipment to excel: enhancing your sport construction through the use of technology

When designing a sport construction on a commercial scale it’s not just about providing a facility for players to train and compete. It’s about providing a thrilling experience for spectators in order to build your venue’s reputation for excitement and excellence. Tennis courts, football pitch constructions and multi sport areas all have the potential to draw a huge number of players with a passion for their game as well as the crowds who love to follow them.

Of course the main decisions to be made in any venue design are concerned with the direct facilities that make the game happen. Choosing the right synthetic sports surface, ensuring your sports ground fence is erected to the correct specifications and planning the maintenance of all weather surfaces are just some of the key decisions. But integrated technology is what will really make your sport construction deliver to 21st century expectations, so it’s worth paying attention to these options at an early stage.

Deliver maximum visual impact with custom built floodlighting

Along with the all weather pitch floodlighting is probably the one development that has impacted on British sport more than any other, due to an increased ability to use facilities in the evenings and dark Winter months. However, the standard of your floodlighting will impact not only on the capacity of your venue but also on the quality of the game and your spectators and players’ satisfaction.

Floodlighting in tennis courts, football pitch constructions, MUGAs and indeed any manner of sports venue should be carefully designed and angled to deliver maximum light conditions to the appropriate areas of the court, without glare. Floodlighting can be installed in static or retractable forms to suit any space. It adds value to your facilities too – for example if you are thinking of generating income from your MUGA through secondary activities such as putting on a concert, your floodlighting can be perfectly adapted to that use. Particularly in venues which have residential neighbours such as football clubs, take care to design your floodlighting so that it does not impact on homes. This is crucial in winning planning permission for your project.

Generate revenue through a digitally imaged sports fence

Sports fencing is a key player in any successful sport construction and it’s worth adding value wherever you can. If you are undertaking a commercial venture then consider incorporating rebound board fencing that enables advertising revenue. Advanced modern technology allows any logo or advertisement to be digitally imprinted on a sports fence whilst retaining rebound board standards. New slotting technology enables you to integrate advertising panels into your sports fencing system without having to drill surface boards on top – thus protecting the longevity and integrity of your fence and reducing possible maintenance or repair costs.

Enhance your spectators’ experience at your sport construction

Spectators at sports events now expect superb commentary and visibility as standard, and the solution for any football pitch construction, tennis court or similar comes through an audio visual system. Certainly not every football club has such facilities built in – especially smaller clubs. But if you’re looking for maximum return it’s worth considering the investment in an integrated system of screens, a PA and LED displays to avoid the cost of hiring a system in every time it is required.

Not only will such systems give your spectators a more thrilling and involved experience at your venue, they contribute significantly towards managing health and safety too. The ability to combine LED scrolled announcements with PA announcements is valuable should there be an emergency requiring rapid evacuation of the venue. You also have the benefit of an easy way to manage and communicate with staff and players as well as the crowd. And of course advertising revenue can be maximised by combining advertising on your sports fencing with advertising on your screens.

Technology in sport construction has limitless possibilities and matches a plethora of other advances that make sport more exciting today than it has ever been. From high-tech synthetic sports surfaces to state of the art multi sport areas, 3G pitches to revolutionary tennis court coatings, your venue has the potential to soar beyond your users’ expectations. Add technology like floodlighting and integrated digitally imaged sports fencing into the mix and you will end up with a venue that delights everyone who uses it. Visit our online design tool today and explore the possibilities modern sport construction holds for you!