At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer a range of energy efficient sports floodlights for both indoor and outdoor sports, such as tennis, hockey, football, cricket, netball and rugby. Whether you require pitch floodlights as part of a new sports surface construction project or need to replace or repair your existing sports floodlighting system, we can help!

Our specialist sports lighting design team can provide a variety of static and retractable floodlights and LED floodlighting solutions for your sports facility using the latest cutting-edge technology. 

We offer a complete planning application service and are well placed to provide the extensive range of information required by local planning authorities for floodlighting application. Alternatively we can offer bespoke sports floodlighting designs for inclusion in your application, or to your planning consultant or architect.


ETC Sports Surfaces offer a static floodlighting system to suit any requirements, providing the whole system from columns and control gears to sports floodlights, cabling and control devices. 

The retractable floodlighting system is an alternative to the static option and is made up of powerful floodlights attached to the intermediate fencing posts and raised in a simple telescopic action. This system gives you an even spread of light without glare and provides the benefits of sports floodlights without being obtrusive.

We also offer LED floodlighting solutions for your sports facility, including our LED tennis floodlights that significantly increase the lighting quality of your court by simulating daylight, whilst being environmentally friendly and requiring minimal maintenance.

At ETC Sports Surfaces, we can provide any other form of pitch floodlights and our sports lighting contractors can tailor your sports floodlighting system to suit your facility’s individual requirements.


At ETC Sports Surfaces we offer the following sports floodlighting services:

  • Sports lighting design, installation and maintenance
  • LED tennis floodlights
  • Static sports floodlighting systems in conjunction with SAPCA accredited companies
  • Retractable floodlighting systems attached to intermediate fencing and raised in a simple telescopic action
  • A range of sports columns, including fixed, base-hinged and mid-hinged columns
  • Tennis floodlights and tennis court floodlighting systems
  • Football floodlights and sports pitch lighting solutions
  • Maintenance and repair of pitch floodlights and sports lighting